SkyPay Unified Payment Platform

SkyPay Unified Payment Platform is a comprehensive solution developed by OpenArc which makes it possible to perform any payment to anyone, by anyone through one common system. SkyPay is an instance of branchless banking, which makes financial services accessible to the customers through their mobile phone or the internet. An island-wide network of Agents which is established to facilitate remote deposit and withdrawal of money.

Extending services to mobile and internet, and using agents will allow a bank to achieve extended reach and island-wide virtual presence. This channel is also much more cost effective than traditional brick and mortar branches or ATMs, as there is no additional cost of infrastructure or implementation.

SkyPay can be described as a true mobile banking application which will provide utmost convenience to the banking community; making their life easier. It will also make banking facilities more available and accessible to the rural, unbanked population; giving them access to financial services and improving their quality of life.


  • Balance inquiry of bank accounts and facility accounts
  • Deposits and withdrawals remotely through agents
  • Fund transfers between bank accounts
  • Fund transfers to a remote recipients with no bank account
  • Utility bill payments
  • Make installment payments of loans, lease facilities etc.
  • Pre-paid mobile reloads
  • Salary payments to employees by companies
  • Make Inquiries on current exchange rates and interest rates
  • View and manage transaction history